Meet our Team:

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Lisa Schmaltz is a Texas born and raised animal lover. As a child her parents used their property as a Human Society Shelter and often had up to 12 cats, a few dogs, rabbits, and the random hermit crab in need of care and love. Her first job was on a farm so whether it is sheering a sheep or loving your pup animal care is a much a part of her life as anything else. After going to San Francisco on scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute for her MFA Lisa started walking dogs fulltime and realized there was nothing more in life that brought her joy like spending a day with puppies. After years of working for other pet-care companies Lisa started Sit.Fetch.Stay and has never looked back. On the rare moments she is not buried in a puppy (or kitty pile,) Lisa is an active artist who also loves to hike, travel, explore this great city, and never misses a chance to spend a sunny afternoon in a hammock with her dog Banjo a cup of coffee and a good book.


-"All my best leading men have been dogs and horses"-Elizabeth Taylor

Valan Tappan was born and raised in the cozy town of Georgetown tx. From the start she loved animals, especially dogs. By identity she is a dog owner and always enjoys the presence of a furry friend! She is currently pursuing an education in the form of liberal arts. She loves the outdoors and a good book. She has always aspired to travel anywhere she could and has a thirst for knowledge. She visited Spain in 2011 and quickly fell in love with the culture and language. She has taken multiple years of Spanish classes and considers herself semi fluent. Though an assortment of careers interest her, when she began working with Sit.Fetch.Stay, she was hooked!


Jim "Jimmy" Hawkins has traveled the world from living in Hawaii, Belize, LA, and walking in the footsteps of his favorite musicians down Abby Rd before settling down in Austin Texas. He has worn many hats throughout his life from designer, manager, and artist, and a few driving caps. Many of his nights are spent behind a sound booth, on stage playing piano, or in studio control room but there are a few things he loves as much as a good game of fetch or to stretch out on the couch with a pup. On his off time Jimmy can be found supporting the local arts in Austin, trying out a new recipe, or watching a good documentary but never without a loyal pup by his side. 
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